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Spain Train System

The Spanish railway system is famous for its well-developed, modern, and extensive network, so it’s no surprise that train travel is one of the top options among adventurers when it comes to touring Spain. Besides its broadness, the Spanish train system boasts an extensive schedule featuring plenty of departures on over 50 regional rail lines making your trip planning even more worry-free.

Moreover, the Spanish train web is also noted for its high-speed rail as bullet trains like AVE provide direct connections between all major destinations of the regions including Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, and Valencia, to name a few. Offering its passengers excellent facilities and great service on board, all local high-speed trains provide high-class comfort during the journey.

Spain Train Map

Spain has one of the best rail systems in Europe, and you can easily reach all the major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and many more in a matter of hours. Taking a train journey in Spain will reveal the most authentic aspects of the country.

Madrid to Barcelona is considered the most popular domestic route, but there are many more great routes on the Spain rail map that travelers enjoy. With Rail Ninja you can easily book rail tickets for such trendy routes as Madrid - Barcelona, Madrid - Seville, Seville - Barcelona, and Madrid - Malaga, which will take you from the capital to the heart of Andalusia, or a lively port city. Or, any other out of 50+ routes.

With Spanish trains, you can also reach the main cities of the neighboring countries, such as Paris, Lyon, beautiful Marseille, Nimes, and one of the fascinating capitals of Europe - Lisbon (via Madrid to Lisbon Train).

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