Lisbon to Madrid Train

Hop aboard the train from Lisbon to Madrid for a convenient and comfortable journey between these two vibrant cities. With 6 daily departures available, you can easily plan your trip and enjoy scenic views as you traverse the picturesque landscapes of Portugal and Spain.

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Departure station:

Oriente station

Av. Dom João II, 1990, Lisbon, Portugal

Distance by train:

502 km/ 311 mi

Arrival station:
Agustín de Foxá, 40, Madrid, Spain

Lisbon to Madrid Train Information

Shortest time
Shortest travel time

7 hrs 30 min

Longest time
Longest travel time

9 hrs 30 min

Daily departures
Price starts from
An overnight train from Lisbon to Madrid is noted for its exceptional service which makes it a perfect travel option for those who would like to rest on their way to the fantastic capital of Spain.

The modern trains can cover 502 kilometers (311 miles) between Lisbon and Madrid in less than 10 hours, which is one of the fastest options on this rail line.

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Lisbon to Madrid Railway Map

Lisbon to Madrid Train Map

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