Renfe Trains in Spain

Explore Spain's Renfe trains, where modern comfort meets efficient travel, offering seamless connections to vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes. Learn more about national train operator Renfe and book train tickets online!

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About Renfe Trains in Spain

Renfe or National Network of Spanish Railways was founded as a result of the nationalization of Spain's train system. Today the company operates on more than 12 000 kilometers of rail lines offering excellent service for those who travel around Spain and beyond. Using Renfe services, you can opt for different types of trains, including regular, high-speed, and overnight trains. All trains running on the Spanish railway lines are modern, air-conditioned, and equipped with good onboard facilities guaranteeing all passengers a memorable train travel experience. In addition to high-class amenities, Renfe trains boast an extensive schedule on the majority of routes making your trip-planning even easier! ​

Types of Renfe Trains

​Depending on the route, Renfe operates several types of trains:

  • AVE Train. Noted for its punctuality and exceptionally short travel times, this bullet train runs between many cities of the country, including Madrid, Cordoba, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, and Valencia

  • Avant Train. Though Renfe Avant trains travel at the same speed as AVE, they were designed for short trips and interconnect the nearby destinations. You can get onboard Avant trains when moving from Madrid to Segovia, Valladolid, Cordoba, Sevilla, Toledo and from Barcelona to Zaragoza, Tarragona, Santiago, Girona.

  • Talgo Train. Being one of the best options for long-distance trips, Talgo trains are available on Valencia - Alicante, Barcelona - Seville, and Madrid - Almeria railway lines.
  • Trenhotel Train. The Trenhotel rail network includes domestic and international train routes. This overnight train serves on the following lines: Barcelona - Corunna, Barcelona - Vigo, Madrid - Corunna, Madrid - Pontevedra, Madrid - Ferrol, Madrid - Lisbon, Irun - Lisbon.

  • Alvia Train. Providing both long-distance and high-speed service, Alvia trains offer connections between many cities in Spain such as Madrid and Bilbao, Madrid and San Sebastian, Barcelona and Bilbao, Alicante and Castellon.

  • Altaria Train. These fast trains serve on such railway lines as Madrid - Murcia, Madrid - Granada, and Madrid- Algeciras.

  • Euromed Train. Express trains that connect all major towns located along Spain's Mediterranean coast. The most popular route of Euromed by Renfe is the Barcelona - Valencia line.

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Renfe Train Map

Renfe Train Map

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